October 22, 2014

Power Clean
Build to a heavy single

EMOM x 10:
2 Power Cleans (75%)
5 Burpees over Bar

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Getting Started
  • First

    At House Of CrossFit, we specialize in easing you into a new way of experiencing fitness, and you WILL experience lifelong results. Take a moment to fill out the contact form below and let's start this journey by having you join us for a free "Intro to CrossFit" session with one of our experienced Coaches. For those with previous CrossFit experience, contact us to join a free group class.

  • NEXT

    Your session will last about 45 minutes long, and start with a "get to know you" conversation about where you've been, and where you want to go. From there, we'll do a light warmup, teach you the CrossFit foundational movements, and introduce a Workout of the Day (WOD) that is uniquely designed to "meet you where you're at" from a conditioning perspective. We'lll teach you how to Squat, Press, and Lift with sound mechanics, with an emphasis on Virtuosity, otherwise known as CrossFit's mantra: "doing the uncommon, commonly well." You'll leave your Intro Class with a sense of purpose and be equipped to join our regular classes. It's the same workout we introduce to our kids, our grandparents, and our Navy Seals!

  • Then

    No where else will you find a highly coached and supportive environment that teaches you the true meaning of fitness; covering all measures from agility to endurance to power. Join our team by selecting a membership that's right for you. From the stay-at-home mom and single dad, to the Firefighter and Recon Marine, our box supports and motivates athletes of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. We enhance and supplement your current training plan or can be the sole focus of your fitness regiment. There are many options available from group classes, clinics, Olympic Lifting and Kids' Camps too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common concerns.

What is House Of CrossFit?

House Of CrossFit is not about reinventing the wheel, though we do hope to breakdown and leap over the traditional model of fitness built on body-building mentalities, isolation movements, and extended aerobic sessions. House Of CrossFit is about shedding the “big box” stigma of the traditional gym settings and turning back to the rugged and raw foundations of exercise. Most importantly, this means removing the machines from the gym floors and opening up space for movement and true fitness.


Do I have to be in shape to take House Of CrossFit Classes?

No. CrossFit is for people of all fitness levels, from the complete beginner to an advanced athlete. CrossFit is unique in its universal scalability, meaning two people at completely different fitness levels can perform the same workout using movements best suited to each of their individual capabilities. At House Of CrossFit, we specialize in introducing the movements, philosophy, and intensity that define CrossFit in a safe, and highly coached environment. Make no mistake: CrossFit, if you allow it, will push you to the margins of your experience–and you will be the better for it. We all came through the same gateway.


How would you describe your Community?

The philosophy of House Of CrossFit is that fitness is a life-long commitment that requires continuous education and consistent devotion to improvement. It is easy in our journey of fitness to become stagnant, however individuals must fight through complacency and find ways to constantly rejuvenate their pursuits in health and fitness. House Of CrossFit wants to spark this rediscovery for individuals by offering the ability to join not only a gym, but a Community. House Of CrossFit believes that one of the greatest benefits of fitness is the opportunity to build relationships and network. As a result, we look to embrace a communal approach to fitness characterized by reciprocal relationships amongst members, staff, health professionals, and the greater fitness community. Our motto is “come early, stay late.” Something about the way a fellow mate will reach out a hand, be there to cheer you on, and be vested in your success, seems different from other environments. At House Of CrossFit, we all came through the door the same way. And since we share this kinship, the bonds are lasting and real.


How would you describe your facility?

New Members at House Of CrossFit often first are amazed at the size of our space. What members quickly find is that world class fitness occurs here. At House Of CrossFit, most of what you will see when you come to the gym is open space. Our “machines” are free weights–to use them requires skill, balance, stabilization, proprioception, and accuracy. The skills and movemements that we teach are all functional and multi-joint (require movement across 2 or more joints in your body.) These neuromuscular activities are commonplace in both life and in sport, and since our objective in training is to mimic both, we find that free weights, with proper instruction and coaching, do this best.

Excited yet? What are you waiting for?

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After years working out at Globo Gyms we were looking for something not only challenging but... read more


House Of CrossFit, and CrossFit in general, have allowed me to exercise and improve my self-esteem...read more


I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to everyone at House Of CrossFit. I have found a new...read more


Crossfit and my House Of CrossFit family have changed my life in so many positive ways. In 2007 I...read more



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    Mobility-Yoga for active recovery, every other Sunday
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House of Crossfit’s Halloween SoireΓ©!

October 24th @ 7pm @ HOCF DJ, drinks, and dancing! Don’t be caught dead without a costume! Bring your friends, all are welcome!

... read more

Businessman Fran

Business attire required. All classes cancelled that night to accommodate the event. Heats

... read more

Revenge of the Housewife WOD *ladies only*

Put down the mops & sponges, tuck away your pearls & take off your heels… join us for a LADIES

... read more

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Hey folks! Since Saturday classes are cancelled to make way for our Fri night Halloween Bash, head on over to Solano Beach this Sat 11/25 to support our Lululemon friends and Kaia Fit Solano Studio. We are here to support each other and spread a community of giving back. 11am-1pm with food, drinks, a DJ, and a bounce house. Oh, and did I mention burpees? If you'd like to participate, please do! Or just come to watch and cheer on our friends! ... See MoreSee Less

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Do you have a costume? We are mere days away until our big Halloween Soiree! Friday night and Saturday morning classes will be cancelled to make way for our big bash. Come one, come all! ... See MoreSee Less

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High speed low drag. Way to crush today's pair chipper!

lindsolo2586 I had the best partner ever!!!!!
About 4 days ago

Play time during gymnastics warm up #play #crossfit #worm #wheelbarrow


The "hang." #crossfit #getcreative #barmuscleups


Our ladies grinding it out


Just finding a place to rest my kettlebell.

rhodeblocks #rhodeblocks
About 2 weeks ago

Battle tested. #houseofcrossfit #battleropes #burn #ouchmyarms #crossfit


Son of a beach WOD! Thanks for the "sugar cookies" everyone 😜


Meanwhile...#houseofcrossfit gettin to work on the sand. Just a regular October Day here in sunny SoCal!


First one out of the water in Heat 1 is our Josh Rubin! Proving Grounds Competition at Moonlight Beach. #daremightythings #houseofcrossfit


Our final winner of our month long selfie contest goes to Cindy! Her pic is a reminder that Coach Glassman asks us to regularly learn and play new sports.


Moga tomorrow @10am! We are discovering the relationship of our hips and the complex system they connect to. If you're having whole body issues, red wine and a hot tub is your Rx. As a follow up, come to MOGA. Trainer's orders. #mogasm #moga #suppleleopard


They're baaaaaaaccck! Cali Bear tanks, tees (and a few women's tees) are back in stock. Grab one while supplies last. And yes, we'll ship to you! #limitededition #calibear #houseofcrossfit #crossfit

sosaranels Boom! My favorite tanks!!
About 4 weeks ago
sosaranels @lifeasrx
About 4 weeks ago
kperry0813 I want one 😁
About 4 weeks ago
laurengarcia328 @houseofcrossfit @hookgripordie I want one I want one!!!! How do I order?!
About 4 weeks ago
hookgripordie @laurengarcia328 email sara@houseofcrossfit.com and tell her what size you want and we will get one to you!!
About 4 weeks ago

Week 3 winner of our selfie contest! You had us at donut...#Repost from @itsjennn with @repostapp --- Is it too late to post my #HouseSelfie? And if I hash tag "#prfuel" and "#iifym", does it make eating this monster poptart donut ok? #houseofcrossfit @houseofcrossfit #donut #donutbar @donutbar


We flexed and our shirts fell off...okay so maybe it's a little hot out but still hitting some barbell action.


Week 2 winner of our House of CrossFit selfie contest is @rbennett0426 ...I can't wait to see next week's pics! #Repost from @rbennett0426 with @repostapp --- OMG=oh my gelatin!!!! I'm so excited to try this stuff I can't control my selfies. #selfiecontest #houseofcrossfit @houseofcrossfit

rbennett0426 Yay!!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’ͺ
About 1 month ago

It's here it's here!!! @xendurance @zach_utley_cf come and get it while supplies last. #dealer #movethatdope #trainharder

xendurance And so it begins!
About 1 month ago
zach_utley_cf Haha get after it!!
About 1 month ago
gunner1905 Finally!
About 1 month ago