August 31, 2015


A.1 Back Squat; 70%x2 reps x 5 sets *first rep is 3 sec. pause
A.2 Supinated BB bent over row x 5×5


12 minute amrap
50m shuttle run (25m out and back)
9 wall balls [20/14#]
21 double unders
9 pull ups

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    The hardest step is the first one; walking through the door. Fill out the contact us form to inquire about your first free class, or just arrive a few minutes early to fill out a waiver and join a class. Whether it’s weight-loss or increased strength, our certified coaches will help you reach your goals.

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    If you are an experienced Crossfitter, join us for group class. The recipe for success with fitness is no secret; mechanics + intensity = results. We’ll coach you through proper form to ensure safety and maximize efficiency. If you are new to CrossFit, it’s recommended that you participate in Group Elements to learn the foundations of CrossFit. Our universally scalable program can be utilized to achieve optimal results. CrossFit truly is for everyone!

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    Once you’ve stepped through our doors, you’ll see a box forged in community. We support each other’s goals whether it is weight loss or a faster 10k. We have membership plans and prices that suit the frequent business traveler as well as the stay-at-home mom. Contact us today to sign up and start your journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common concerns.

What is House Of CrossFit?

HOCF is the oldest affiliate in Carlsbad. We break down the globo-gym mentality and emphasize the purest form of fitness through functional movements performed at high intensity. Most importantly, there are no machines in our gym, rather, athletes of all shapes and sizes utilizing equipment from free weights and barbells to plyo boxes and medicine balls. All coaches are CrossFit Level 1, Level 2 (or higher) Certified Trainers and seek to provide the safest environment for fitness while having fun.


Do I have to “prepare” to start CrossFit?

The best way to get better at CrossFit, is to do CrossFit. Weight-loss, body change, increased strength or speed all takes place within our highly coached and motivated environment. While any exercise is better than none, our CrossFit program will get you into shape very quickly. When athletes commit to consistency, they typically see results within 3 weeks and dramatically higher levels of progress (to include fat loss and improved cardio vascular function) at 3 months. Make no mistake: CrossFit, if you allow it, will push you and it might not be easy. But you wouldn’t want it that way would you?


What is the box like?

Hour long classes are structured in a manner that promotes group fitness while providing for individual coaching. You are guaranteed to never have a three-day period repeat itself. By no means are we random, rather, constantly varied to help you prepare for anything life throws your way. Gone are the days of the same old boring gym routine. With variance comes fun – not to mention optimizing your body’s ability to adapt to and respond to a variety of challenges. We utilize music and coaching cues to motivate athletes and rely on mechanics to make the good, better and the better, best. At HOCF, we demand the highest level of coaching from our trainers and 100% effort from our athletes.


What are the members like?

All of our members have a common goal; to be a part of a community and not “just a gym.” We embrace a community approach towards fitness via relationships amongst members, trainers and their respective families. We have members of all backgrounds and employment statuses from 1st responders, lawyers, teachers, and soccer moms. They often come early and typically stay late. There is something about cheering on the last athlete and offering a friendly high five after a PR that is an environment you will not experience anywhere else.

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After years working out at Globo Gyms we were looking for something not only challenging but... read more


House Of CrossFit, and CrossFit in general, have allowed me to exercise and improve my self-esteem...read more


I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to everyone at House Of CrossFit. I have found a new...read more


Crossfit and my House Of CrossFit family have changed my life in so many positive ways. In 2007 I...read more


The Elements classes provided me with a great intoduction to Cross-Fit! The sessions gave me technical and physical confidence that was truly empowering! Coming from a running background...read more



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WOD 22 – 2/22/15

22 is the current number of Veterans that commit suicide a day. That is 22 too many. We are rallying together as a gym and as a community to support Operation Enduring Warrior by hosting a WOD to raise funds and awareness for Veterans suffering from PTSD. Operation Enduring Warrior will receive 100% of the proceeds. Their organization is a veteran operated non-profit whose mission is to Honor, Empower, and Motivate wounded service members. We are asking for from each participant in effort to raise ,222 as a gym. With the support of Operation Enduring Warrior and Lululemon Athletica …

... read more

HOCF Holiday Party 12.20.2014

December 20th D Street 7pm till there are no more! Go to the House FB page and let us know if can make it: http://Facebook.com/houseofcrossfit There are no barbells at this meet-up…just a good ol fashioned social gathering of friends and crossfitters. Come out with us for the night and enjoy some drinks and dancing.

... read more

12 Days of Christmas WOD

12 Days of Christmas WOD Saturday, December 20 at 8:30am – 11:30am Join us for a special Christmas workout featuring our annual 12 Days of Christmas WOD. Come to either 8:30 or 9:30am classes and stay after for a BYOP (bring your own paleo) potluck. We will share a little sweat and then some sweets as we spread the CrossFit Christmas cheer! Friends and family welcome! There will be a kids workout option available. Share your Paleo (or paleo-ish) potluck item you are bringing in the comments.

... read more

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HOCF Foot Golf

September 13, 2015, 9:00am

Rancho Carlsbad Golf Club

Join us for a day of FootGolf with your House of CrossFit friends! Due to the nature of this event, when you RSVP on Facebook, you are committing to a paid and reserved spot. $22 for adults, $17 for juniors, and $12 for kids under 12. Kids are welcome to play! Please let us know in the comments how many in your party and the names of players. Please check back for updates as we book group tee times. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Rancho Carlsbad Golf Course now has a FootGolf course open for play. FootGolf is a new sport that combines the distinction, elegance and precision of golf with the passion, energy and fun of soccer. The goal of footgolf is to get a soccer ball with the lowest possible number of kicks from marked tees into a hole. It is played just like a normal golf game, except using a soccer ball and your foot instead of traditional golf equipment.

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If you build it, they will come. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Always looking to improve the gym, inch by inch and piece by piece. #usaw #usaweightlifting #olympiclifting #houseofcrossfit ... See MoreSee Less

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Rise and shine! It's a great day to get outside and play! #houseofcrossfit #CrossFit #playnewsports ... See MoreSee Less

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If you build it, they will come. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Always looking to improve the gym, inch by inch and piece by piece. #usaw #usaweightlifting #olympiclifting #houseofcrossfit

clarke1y @blackjackmack I like how the wood is right at the level of the mats, what you think
About 6 hours from now
blackjackmack @clarke1y love it
About 6 hours from now
justineicholtz Epic!
About 6 hours from now

Rise and shine! It's a great day to get outside and play! #houseofcrossfit #CrossFit #playnewsports

Saturday night with our gym family...beers, bowling, and birthdays! 🍻🎱🎉 #houseofcrossfit #playnewsports #family #community

hippiedream81 I'm definitely checking you guys out when we move back to SD. Looks like your box has some good times!
About 1 day ago
houseofcrossfit @hippiedream81 we'd love to have you! The more the merrier!
About 19 hours ago
hippiedream81 @houseofcrossfit I can't wait!!
About 19 hours ago

@justineicholtz takes first! I guess he's Nationally ranked for a reason. 😎 #houseofcrossfit #olympiclifting

j2_rubin 🐼💥💪🏻👊🏻
About 2 days ago
cogennelson You don't mess with the 🐼! @justineicholtz
About 2 days ago
barbellkitchen His speed is unreal!!!!! So fast unda da bah! 💫💫💫
About 2 days ago
justineicholtz 🐼 on deck! Thanks for coming @houseofcrossfit family always much appreciated!!
About 2 days ago
justineicholtz @cogennelson @barbellkitchen
About 2 days ago

Great job to @justineicholtz and @blake_whit at today's Olympic Lifting Comp at Ballast CrossFit. #houseofcrossfit #olympiclifting #oly #deadliftsanddoughnuts

j2_rubin #liftingfaces
About 2 days ago
justineicholtz Wow those are some epic faces haha
About 2 days ago
blake_whit My mama says I'm handsome
About 2 days ago

Team selection...strongest of the sit-ups! #houseofcrossfit #beachwod #beachlife #crossfit #sandbags

Today's Beach WOD was a blast! Awesome WOD, waves, and way too much sand in our mouths! 😎💪🏻🌊☀️ #beachwod #beachlife #crossfit #houseofcrossfit

swatis19 So much fun!! Can't wait to do it again!
About 2 days ago

Traditional game of flags to wrap up our beach WOD! #beachwod #beachlife #crossfit #houseofcrossfit @taylor_graham13 @cogennelson

Join us tomorrow at 9am for a HOCF WOD on the beach! 🌊 Details: Wear appropriate attire that you don't mind getting wet (swimsuits or workout clothes). Swimming skills are not necessary. Bring a towel, water, and if you choose, a potluck item to share afterwards. Head down La Costa and turn right. The beach is immediately on your left with beach front parking. See you all there! #houseofcrossfit #swimwod #beachwod #crossfit

mohalen Damn that's just south of me, I'm running a ten miler tomorrow :/ next time! 😃👍👻💪🏽
About 2 days ago
houseofcrossfit Dang @mohalen ! Next time for sure!!
About 2 days ago

Don't forget this Saturday is our HOCF Beach WOD at South Ponto at 9AM! Don't worry, swimming skills aren't required but you will get wet. 💦 Please plan to bring a post-workout pot luck item to share if you choose! We heard @barbellkitchen is making something yummy. 🍩 #houseofcrossfit #beachwod #crossfit

barbellkitchen No donuts but def something tasty!! And WOD-worthy
About 3 days ago

Fist bumping to that beat. Or just a metric crap ton of DB snatches. Same thing. 😂 #CrossFit #snatch #houseofcrossfit #sunsoutgunsout

#tbt to last week when we played the Pizza Game for warm up with @thedavecastro #playtime #warmup #houseofcrossfit #crossfit

Assault Bike? What Assault Bike? Today's nooners tackled the shuttle sprints and killed the bike today. #thehouselife #houseofcrossfit #neversurrender @assaultairbike

Agree or disagree: the hardest part about today's workout was the 100m bear crawl. 🐾🐾🐾 #houseofcrossfit #crossfit #bearcrawl

Partner banded pigeon...just what the mobility Dr ordered coming off of the weekend! 🚑 #mobility #houseofcrossfit #crossfit

l.a.fitlife @fire5medic
About 6 days ago

Just picked up some new equipment from the Fitness Armory! Who wants to guess what's in the back of the truck? #affiliates #houseofcrossfit #prideofownership #newequipment #newtoys #crossfit

jessbutterpants I think in gonna come in next week and workout with you guys!
About 1 week ago
justineicholtz I hope you got me a calf raise machine! 🙊
About 1 week ago
anniekimiko Gosh I love that truck!!
About 1 week ago
tbone24 A peg board!!!!
About 1 week ago