CrossFit Open 15.1 Tips: T2B, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean & Jerk


Here’s your chance to get ahead of the game and catch our tips and tricks approaching and completing CrossFit open 15.1. Coach Blake and Coach Cogen will walk you through a warm-up, the workout, and some of the psychology behind the open workouts. Best of luck and above all else have fun! 

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Shift in Programming


Many of you have heard me say that I treat ALL of you as athletes. That’s probably my most appreciated difference in this sport we call CrossFit. We are not just bill-paying members, keeping the lights on at the gym. We aren’t a globo gym. We don’t call you “clients.” You are all ATHLETES and treated as such. That can go for our nutrition, recovery, and most of all, how we train. CrossFit has transformed more recently into a professional sport and not just a workout. It only reinstates our claim that each one of you is an athlete and …

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2015 CrossFit Open Registration


An OPEN letter to our members: It’s finally here! The first day to register for the 2015 Open is now…OPEN. If you haven’t noticed lately, We have been encouraging you all to sign up for this “Christmas-Day-of-CrossFit” Open. I can’t express just how important and fun this experience is in your CrossFit journey; instead I will just ask you to trust in the process and sign up. We have a lofty goal of having nearly EVERYONE participate. I’m sure you are thinking we are nuts, but let me explain. Like the rest of you Crossfitters, I know this often invokes …

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Punish the Specialist


Read it again if you have to. Punish the specialist. Still confused? The motivation behind House Of CrossFit’s beloved new mantra stems from the CrossFit stronghold that life overall does not reward those that are experts in one area. At CFSE, we constantly seek the broadest and most general fitness possible. We may run, jump, lift heavy, go long, go short, use coordination, push our metabolic threshold, and put simply, dabble in many different arenas and types of workouts as possible. Of course, that’s not to say there is no “greater picture” in mind. Often times programming can be manipulated …

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Rep Shaving


And no, I don’t mean you’re joining the dollar shave club. Let’s talk about rep shaving. I know what you all are thinking. “What about when I get wod-brain and I have to do 30 burpees and I can’t remember if I am on 15 or 22?!” For the sake of this post, let’s skip the chit chat and cut right to the chase. Rep shaving tends to be an issue in gyms (including ours) and it may need a little attention. Let’s all have a “Come to Jesus” moment and get to the nitty gritty. As coaches and trainers, …

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I recently had a conversation with a good friend the other day. We were sitting in a hot tub “relaxing” and she (whose name will be removed to protect the innocent) was chattering a million miles a minute about all of her “to do’s.” I snapped at her and asked her to lower her voice and to chill out because this was relaxation time. She gave me a dirty look and I continued to inquire if she knew how to relax? She gave me a puzzled look and sat for a moment. Ah-hah! I don’t think she really knew what …

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The Best Twenty Bucks You’ll Ever Spend


I feel compelled to jump in here to add some context and remind everyone what the Open means to 95% of us mortals doing CrossFit. For the first timers, this is a baseline of your fitness. For some of us, it’s a mix of baselines and a chance to re-test workouts from previous years. A profound misconception of the Open is that ALL movements and loads are or should be totally accessible to any level athlete. Mostly they are, some may be more difficult than others, but they are accessible. For those of you saying things such as “glad I …

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