I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks to everyone at House Of CrossFit. I have found a new passion in life which I have been looking for a long time. That passion is Crossfit and I owe that to CFSE!

Over the past couple of years I have heard people talk about cross fit and had always been curious about it but never really looked into trying it until my boss found a groupon deal for a few Crossfit gyms in the Carlsbad area. I decided to give it a shot and see if it was something that I can do. For years I had been going to your typical “globo gym” or weight room 24 hr fitness type deal and lifting weights but got bored with doing the same exact workout day in and day out.

My first class was coached by the owner Cogen Nelson. When he told his story quite frankly I was inspired. I have MAJOR mobility issues from basically walking around and doing things the wrong way my entire life and could barely even get to parallel with an air squat let alone do a muscle snatch or any of the other standard movements. I found out real quick that being able to muscle my way through things was not going to work with crossfit and this was going to be the most challenging journey that I have ever walked down. With the help and really the knowledge of every staff member at CFSE I am progressing every single workout and hitting new personal records consistently.

Also I can not say enough about the community at CFSE! It really is a team environment which I love. I get advice on a daily basis and support on a daily basis from everyone in the gym. It is a family environment and all the events even outside the gym are fun! I have gone to competitions along with a night out for cocktails with the group!

The knowledge of the staff and community is second to NONE! The facility is clean which was one of my main concerns. Everyone gets the same attention at the gym. The equipment is good and they have recently acquired more space so it is never to crowded. I can tell you this if you are looking for a gym to join or even try out I would look no further and come to House Of CrossFit! I know for me they have helped change my life. Thanks again!