Crossfit and my House Of CrossFit family have changed my life in so many positive ways. In 2007 I shattered my calcaneus (heel) during a BMX racing accident leading to a fusion of my subtalar joint to my ankle joint. Before the injury I was fairly athletic and competitive in both BMX and running, however, after all the surgeries I was left with a painful foot that wouldn’t rotate and move the way it used too. My Dr. had explained life would be different and I wouldn’t be able to do many of the things I once did. Running was out of the question for sure.

For roughly 6 years I tried to live with being more sedentary and cautious about activities afraid of further injuring or living in pain. This was until a friend of mine suggested I give CrossFit a try.

I purchased a Groupon with the intention of trying out a few classes to see if I could even figure out any of the movements. Instantly I was hooked. I made them aware of my mobility issues and over the last year they have worked with me to gain strength, balance and mental toughness to overcome my barriers. I have learned to squat, do a crap load of pull-ups, and, I ran a 7:12 mile. I can only see positive gains in my future.

Not only have they given me back the physical gains I so badly wanted, they also brought me into this community that is there for you no matter what. They see you at your best, at your worst and all along they encourage, motivate and lift you up which only motivates you to work to your greatest potential.